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Sewage sludge treatment and disposal

Shouguan Group enters into the environmental protection field by starting at the sewage sludge treatment and disposal. Relying on its ion fractionation sewage sludgetreatment technology, the company provides integral services for sewage sludgetreatment project , which including consultancy, R&D, design, manufacture,construction, debugging, operation and financing service for BOT, TOT and PPPprojects, and strengthen its business in the means of self-support, M&A,entrusted operation.

 Energy saving LED light

The LED lights produced by Shouguan Group apply the new technology which combines the rare earth nano and graphene new materials with the characteristics of highphotosynthetic efficiency and long service life. Comparing to the LED products manufactured by USA, Germany, Japan, UK, the energy-saving efficiency is 35% higher, and 50% higher than those LED products in china, while the life servicelife is 3 times longer.

The EPC(Energy Performance contracting) has been adopted to operate with our LEDproducts, aiming at saving costs and energy for the society.

 Energy saving refrigerant

The core product of energy-saving freezing medium is R490 which has been granted national patent. It is mix hydrocarbon freezing medium, with better performance inenergy-saving and stability comparing with single component hydrocarbon products. And our core customer includes three major communication carriers. Ourproduct has already applied in government organizations, carriers, financial industry and manufacturing.

The EPC(Energy Performance contracting) has been adopted to operate the projects. With“ I invest for your energy-saving,benefit-sharing” as our service slogan, Shouguan Group is committed tobecome the energy-saving experts relying on technical advantage, good business model and professional management and operating team as well as it capital operation capability.