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China Shouguan Group (hereinafter referred to as“Shouguan Group”), with equity investment as its core and operational entities as its basis is a large-scale integrated Investment holding Group.With its globalization vision, Shouguan Group has expanded its business layout which covering investment bank business, new energy industry, environmental protection and energy-saving industry, mining industry, health industry and hi-tech industry and etc. In the coming few years, Shouguan Group will be committed to develop and carve out new sectors as well as new pattern for industry operation and complete its strategic layout nationwide and even worldwide, furthermore, build up broad capital platform on which more companies with promising prospects could be hatched.Shouguan Group has assembled a reasonably structure, high quality and highly efficient team, which gathers elites of management, industry, investment, financing and legal field. In addition, in the process of continuous development, the construction of corporate culture is always taking as the first priority. With the tenet of honesty and credibility, Shouguan Group inspires its staff with the corporate vision to form powerful spiritual motivation for the development of the group.

Based on existing foundation, Shouguan Group is devoted to become a large corporate group with the characteristics of trans-industry, transregional and diversified development by giving play to the spirit of innovation as well as team spirit, in the meantime depending on modern corporate operation and management mechanism, besides strengthening the consciousness of innovation and competition as well as optimizing the investment structure, furthermore, to maximize the returns for the shareholders and give back to the society.