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Shouguan Mining which affiliated to Shouguan Group is a burgeoning gold exploration company and also the first Chinese gold conceptual stock listed in US. The scope of its business covers exploration, mining, beneficiation and technical consultation. Its main business is gold mining, with geological prospecting and technical consultation as supplementary services.

The main objective of Shouguan Mining is to become a leading gold company in China and maximize the benefit for shareholders. We will take great efforts to achieve the goal by first-class management, creative operational strategy and perfect implementation.

China's Gold Enrichment Region

China's gold enrichment region

China is the biggest gold production country in the world, whilst Shandong is the famous gold enrichment region in China accounting for more than 25% of total amount of gold reserves. Some of the mines in Shandong worth billions USD dollars, and our Cunliji and Dayuan gold mines with 40 tons of gold ore which is equivalent to 1,400,000 ounces of gold locate near the aforesaid gold enrichment area. Owning more than 6000 acres of gold ore now, however Shouguan mining has explored its business to the enrichment gold region in Heilongjiang province, the northeastern part of China. The company also has the prospecting right of 20,600,000 acres gold mine which improves our asset portfolio including gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum.

Enterprise Development StrategyEnterprise development strategy

  • M&A or Lease mines and properties

  • Expand and operate efficiently by advanced Technology

  • Explore untapped resources and make profit for shareholders

  • M&A overseas mines