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Focusing on the cultivation, plantation, oil refining, product research, sales and development of ecological function of Australia Melaleuca oil tree, the agricultural company affiliated to Shouguan Group is one of the first company to introduce and plant as well as work on product research of the Melaleuca tree in China.

The Company owns 495 acres planting base plus 823 acres in cooperation, in addition, possesses oil refining base with annual manufacturing capacity of 40 tons and a leisure resort demonstration base on the basis of ecological function of Melaleuca tree. With stable R&D ability, sales team and market, the exclusive sales agreements have been concluded and signed with several European and Asia companies, besides, solid and reliable export sales network for upstream products of Melaleuca oil has been established. Furthermore, several clients for export trades on household chemicals has been developed and maintained.

A command of quality provenance of Melaleuca enables the company to guarantee the planting scale and the quality of raw oil, as well as gain the advantage in its oil refining and sales.

In the possession of the main raw materials and technological development in household chemicals of Melaleuca oil, it guarantees the advantage of quality, price and sales for our products. The company has completed ecological function R&D and tests which forms a chain of industry for comprehensive development of Melaleuca tree, and also lays a good foundation for the sustainable development of the company.

The company is applying patents for the cultivation and refining technology in order to achieve the sustainable development.